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5 Inexpensive Toys For Playing Outside


It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here. The warmer weather brings longer days and sunshine-filled weekends! After the long, cold months of winter, the kids will be looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the fresh air! Here’s a list of the top five toys for outdoor fun that can keep the kids entertained for hours.

  1. Kites: Kite flying is best done in large open areas such as a park or the beach, and if there is little wind, the kids will get plenty of exercise running around to keep their kites in the sky.
  2. Bubbles and Bubble Wands: Blowing bubbles is a favorite for kids of all ages. Bubble wands come in all shapes and sizes for lots of fun!
  3. Water Balloons: Split the kids into teams and give each team a different color of balloon. Let them battle it out by throwing balloons at the other teams. It’s a fun way to stay cool on a hot day.
  4. Jump Ropes: Jumping rope is not only fun but also great exercise! Kids can compete to see who can jump rope longest, play games with friends like Double Dutch and practice special jumps like “double under,” and “toad!”
  5. Butterfly Nets: Butterfly nets allow kids to safely catch butterflies and other flying insects without harming them. It can also be educational if you help them look up what they caught!

The best part is that all of these toys are inexpensive and can be found at your local dollar store!

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