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5 Fun & Handy Kitchen Appliances

Yesterday in our blog we wrote about the importance of preparing home-cooked meals for your family. Today, let’s talk about 5 handy kitchen appliances that can make cooking easier, and in some cases, more fun! These options are not only affordable, but they don’t consume a lot of space in your kitchen. Any of these kitchen appliances would make a great addition to your manufactured home!

Rice Cooker

When preparing a big meal, the rice cooker gives you one less thing to worry about. Just dump the rice into the machine, add an appropriate amount of water, and push the start button. Voila! By the time dinner is ready, you’ll have a full serving of perfectly cooked rice.

Homemade Popcorn Maker

Popcorn has a reputation as an unhealthy snack, but when eaten in moderation, it actually has some health benefits. Popcorn contains whole grains that are essential for a balanced diet. With a homemade popcorn popper, you can enjoy delicious popcorn time and time again without having to worry about the unhealthy oils and flavorings you find in microwave popcorn.


The original slow cooker, a crockpot is a large electric cooking pot used to cook stews and other dishes. When you slow cook your food, it distributes flavors more evenly. And best of all, crockpots are safe. In fact, you can leave your crockpot unattended all day. Toss your ingredients into the crock-pot before work. When you come home you should have a ready-to-serve meal.

Electric Egg Cooker

If you’re a breakfast lover, this is a must-have appliance. Electric Egg Cookers make perfectly cooked soft-boiled eggs in a matter of minutes. The appliance takes up very little space, so you can just stick it in a cupboard when you’re not using it.


This amazingly handy coffee maker has become a staple in homes and offices everywhere. Just stick a “K-Cup” into the Keurig (over 200 flavors available), add some water and push the start button. Within a couple minutes, you’ll have cup of freshly brewed coffee, tea or even hot chocolate.

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