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5 Energy-Saving Myths

With weather finally getting colder, most of us are turning up the heat and becoming more concerned of higher utility bills. There always are ‘tips’ going around about how to save money and energy, but be careful about what you believe. Here are 5 energy saving myths that you may have once thought were true:

  1. Electric space heaters save $$$
  2. Closing the vent saves energy
  3. New windows will save you tons
  4. Setting the thermostat high will heat the house faster
  5. Leaving a light on rather than having it on, off and on again saves more energy

It’s normal to have once believed that these myths were true, such as using space heaters to save money. Space heaters use electricity to heat your home rather than using natural gas. Considering that electricity usually runs between 4 to 10 times higher cost of natural gas, you could heat an entire home for the cost of using 2 space heaters! With one myth busted, Yahoo|Green can explain why the rest of these ‘tips’ are actually myths, and how to correctly heat your home while saving money!

Stay Toasty!

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