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5 Cost Effective Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Redoing the kitchen in your manufactured home does not have to be a spendy proposition. If you add up the price of new appliances, cabinetry, and flooring alone, the bill is not something everyone can afford to invest, even with the return seen in greater home equity. If you want to spruce up the space, but do not have a large budget, do not despair. Use these five cost effective kitchen remodeling methods to transform the heart of your house into a room every family member will enjoy.


A fresh coat of paint works wonders in any room of your home. Choose a color you feel alive and energized in for your kitchen. Since paint is easily changed, do not overly concern yourself with decorating trends that are popular. Pick out a few color samples and paint them on your walls. See how they look in different lighting throughout the day. Choose one that looks beautiful to you and makes you feel happy.


If you have wood cupboards in the kitchen in your manufactured home, stain them a color that pleases you. It takes time to strip, sand, and stain cabinetry, but it transforms the whole look of your kitchen. Take the doors off and redo the cupboard and drawer fronts and sides first, so you can put the items back into their places. Then, do the fronts. This allows you to not live in total chaos during your kitchen remodeling project.


Change out the hardware to create a new atmosphere in your kitchen. Updated hardware can achieve a modern feel on even the most outdated cabinetry. Choose a finish that matches the lighting fixtures or plumbing fixtures, such as faucets, for a contemporary appearance. Choose whimsical hardware, such as using silver utensils or wine corks, for a custom look that matches any decorating theme.


Lighting choices make or break an interior design. Hang pendent lights over islands or breakfast bar countertops. Install task lighting underneath cupboards, or display lights in any open cabinetry or inside cupboards with glass doors. Choose an overhead fixture or chandelier that complements your kitchen design. If you have enough task lighting around the room to see to cook, wash dishes, and complete other chores, your overhead light can be as unique as you wish, without worrying about if it puts off enough watts or not.


Finish off the room with accessories that truly reflect your personalty. Simple items, such as new dish towels or pot holders, are what makes the space feel like your home. Invest in canisters, spice racks, utensil holders, and other items that are both functional and decorative. You do not have to spend a lot of money to transform the look of a standard kitchen into a unique representative of your style.

Many family memories revolve around preparing, cooking, and eating food. These top five cost effective kitchen remodeling ideas for a manufactured home will change your space from conventional to special. Just as in favorite recipes, the secret ingredient to most great interior design is love.

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