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5 Bulletproof Funds for your 401k

With such a shaky market out there it’s tough to stay focused on how to build a solid base for your 401k. But if you are an investor focused on a retirement that is many years down the road, you can ignore the headlines of day-to-day volatile market updates and focus on the long-term future. What you need to do is look into your options and pick the safest and best fit for your needs.

Below are 5 funds that offer varying levels of risk for your consideration:

1. Fidelity Capital & Income
2. Pimco Total Return
3. Vangaurd Dividend Growth
4. Touchstone Sands Select Growth
5. Vangaurd Explorer

Here is further information on each fund option and how they can help you in completing your portfolio in order to have a fulfilling and worry free retirement.

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