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7 Benefits of Growing Up in a Manufactured Home Community

As we’ve discussed at length in previous blogs, there are so many advantages to living in a HomeFirstTM Certified Community. One of the benefits we haven’t discussed is the nurturing environment a manufactured home community provides children. Here are 7 advantages of being raised in a manufactured home community.

1) Friends at Every Corner

When you live in a manufactured home community, it’s easier to make friends than it would be living in an apartment complex. The best part about being friends with a neighbor is you can see each other pretty much whenever. Kids can walk or ride bikes to each other’s houses, or just meet up at one of their neighborhood’s recreational facilities.

2) Fun Times Await

Each HomeFirstTM Certified Community is like a giant playground. Play structures, basketball courts and swimming pools are just some of the facilities residents can enjoy at their leisure. What better way for a kid to spend a Saturday afternoon than playing in his or her community with friends?

3) Staying Active

Another benefit of living in a community with recreational facilities is that it encourages kids to stay active! In most neighborhoods, children don’t have access to the variety of facilities residents enjoy in their HomeFirstTM Certified Community. As every parent knows, an active child is a healthy child.

4) Good Role Models

Residents of manufactured homes are regarded as warm and friendly people – and for good reason! Neighbors in our tight-knit communities look out for one another, eager to lend a hand when needed. The attitude sets a good example for young and impressionable children, who will learn the values of selflessness and generosity at an early age.

5) Comfort and Security

Children need room to learn, play and grow. Fortunately, manufactured homes provide all of those. All of our homes are open and spacious, giving kids the space they need to be kids. The homes also contain backyards which provide additional space in which kids can let loose.

6) Backyard Fun

Let’s talk more about the benefits of having a spacious backyard! Some of the best moments you can have as a family are shared around a grill in your backyard, enjoying good conversation and delicious food. If barbeques aren’t your thing, perhaps your children will enjoy planting a garden and watching their crops harvest over time. It’s just another option when you have your own backyard.

7) Beautiful Surroundings

When you live in a HomeFirstTM Certified Community, you’re embedded in a natural area with extraordinarily beautiful surroundings. Each neighborhood offers the perfect setting for long, peaceful walks with your children during which you can engage in unforgettable conversations.

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