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4 Simple Carpet Maintenance Tips

Stained living room carpet
These tips are quite simple and actually quite self explanatory, but even though most of us know we should be doing this- we don’t always abide by these rules. More than just maintenance, the best route is a preventative measure to carpet tear and wear.

#1: Take your shoes off
Taking your shoes off at the door before walking into a carpeted room is an easy way to prevent your carpet from getting progressively dirty over time. This is a habit that you should try and get into and you’ll be surprised how less often you need to really deep clean your carpet.

#2: Vacuum Often
Vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis will elongate the life of your carpet more than you think. Vacuuming in your home every day is unnecessary, and with certain vacuums it is not recommended, but having a regular schedule to vacuum about twice a week is good balance. Besides sucking up all the dirt and mess in the depths of your carpet, it also lifts your carpet fibers up to make it look less matted. Before vacuuming make sure the vacuum is cleaned out, dump out the bag / canister, as to not redistribute dust and to get the best performance out of the vacuum.

#3: Keep a ‘carpet-kit’ handy
Everyone has carpet cleaning materials but are they located in an area that is quick to get to when a carpet stain emergency arises? The best route to take is to just create a small carpet cleaning kit and keep it in a nearby cupboard. Four essentials to keep in this kit are lint free rags, liquid/dry carpet cleaner, a plastic scraper and a soft bristle brush.
-Lint free rags should be used to blot up spills and stains- never rub stains, they will go deeper into the carpet.
-The most obvious part of the kit is the liquid or dry carpet cleaner, but when you have it next to all the other tools necessary to uplift a carpet stain, it makes the process faster. Make sure you read the directions and follow them exactly for the product to work to its full potential.
-A plastic scraper may seem like an odd item to have in your kit, but this is probably the most beneficial, especially for those of us who always end up rubbing the stains into the carpet- you know who you are! The plastic scraper is used to scrape the carpet cleaner and stain out of the carpet before blotting out the rest.
-Soft bristle brushes are needed to brush up the carpet and bring the fluff and shape back into the carpet fibers. This way no will ever know about your slip up!

#4: Leave the sun out of this
Leaving the blinds open all day when you are away can do quite a bit of damage to your carpet, especially darker shades of carpet. The carpet will begin to fade and lose its lustrous color which is something you can’t fix with a carpet kit!

Just follow these guidelines and keep up with your carpet by removing stains as they happen. The difference will be noticeable and you’ll have more time to have fun on the weekends instead of cleaning those stubborn stains!

Photo Credit: Chris Davies

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