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4 Reasons Why People Decide to Move

When most people are looking for a new place to live, they generally look for a place where they can stay for a while. Even if they don’t expect to live there forever, they don’t want to have to be packing things up and heading off again right away, either. But even if you’ve lived somewhere for a while, you may reach a point where you start to realize that your home just isn’t right for you anymore. Here are a few of the most common things that make people decide it’s time to start looking for a new home:

They’re Spending Too Much Money

Having a place to live is one of the most basic needs we have, but it can get expensive. If you’re renting an apartment or house in a popular city, rent can be prohibitively expensive and so can buying a house there. Even in less desirable areas, you can still end up spending a small fortune on renting or buying homes that aren’t what you’re really looking for. Renting an apartment or house means having to play by your landlord’s rules, so you’re spending a lot on a place where you don’t have as much freedom as you’d like. It makes a lot of people wonder why they should keep spending so much when they’re getting so little in return.

Their Home is No Longer a Comfortable Size

Outgrowing a home is a very common problem, particularly for young adults and newlyweds. A 2-bedroom home may have been perfect when you and your spouse first got married, but that once perfectly cozy home might start feeling awfully crowded once they start having children.

Not having enough room is a big problem, but having too much room isn’t very comfortable, either. Many people find themselves in the position of deciding their home is too big once they reach the point where all their children have grown up and moved out on their own. With fewer people living at home, they can find themselves having more space than they really need or know what to do with.

Their Location is No Longer Ideal

No matter how long-term you’re thinking when you move into a home, it’s entirely possible for life to change and alter your idea of what an ideal location is. When you moved in, maybe you liked that it was close to your job. But what if you no longer work there and now you’re stuck with a significantly longer commute to your new job? Or maybe your home’s location was great when you were either living alone or with your spouse. The quality of the local school district might not have been a big concern of yours back then. But if you’ve had children in the time since you moved in, it’s completely understandable that you might want to consider moving to a new area with higher quality schools.

They’re Ready for a New Neighborhood

Obviously, everyone wants to live in a nice neighborhood, but sometimes the quality of a neighborhood can change over time. Maybe some of the area businesses have closed so now there’s no longer as much for you to do. Perhaps the crime rate has started to go up or maybe you simply don’t like your neighbors very much. No matter what’s made your neighborhood change, why keep spending a small fortune to live someplace where you’re not really happy anymore?

The great thing about HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities is that they provide great solutions for all of these problems. Manufactured homes are extremely affordable, so you’ll be able to save a lot of money over renting an apartment or renting or buying a site-built home. Even if you rent a manufactured home in one of our communities, you’ll have a lot more freedom to make your home your own than you would by renting an apartment or house.
Since manufactured homes come in a wide variety of sizes, you’ll easily be able to find a home that’s just the right size for you. You’ll find many manufactured homes with 3 or 4 bedrooms that cost significantly less than what a site-built home of comparable size would cost. If you’d prefer a smaller home, there are certainly plenty of options for those, too! Plus, all of our communities are located in or very close to some of the safest and most desirable locations in Michigan, right in the neighborhood of many great places to work and go to school. You’ll have it all in a HomeFirst™ community!

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