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3 Vitamins That Can Hurt You

We’ve been told through commercials and advertisements that the majority of people don’t get enough vitamins in their diet. They need to make up for this by stocking up on them frequently. But what those advertisements don’t tell you is that you might not actually need those vitamins and that by taking a vitamin you don’t need you could end up hurting your body!

The top three vitamins that many Americans purchase and regularly use that may cause the most harm are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

These vitamins are healthy for you and benefit your body in many ways but most of us don’t need to add these supplements into our diets unless we truly have a poor diet consisting of foods that have little or no vitamins.

So before going to the store and spending your hard earned money, read up on these vitamins and go through your diet to find out if you really need to add these supplements into your diet.

Photo Credit: Daniel R. Blume

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