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3 Tips to Pack For a Vacation in a Hurry

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We’ve all been there before, the family is leaving for a vacation and no one has time to get packed until the very last minute. So instead of stressing out and potentially forgetting some important pieces for your trip, we’ve got 3 tips that will help you get packed and out the door in no time!

  1. Enlist the kids

Having your kids pack their own carry-ons with your guidance can save you a lot of time. Make it fun by turning it into a memory game!


  1. Don’t waste time folding

Folding is unnecessary and leaves fold marks on your clothing. Simply lay all your clothes flat in a pile in your bag. Wrap your underwear and socks in a plastic bag, place on top and ‘wah-la’, your clothes are wrinkle free and packed quickly!

  1. Prep for security

Have your comfy traveling clothes ready for the morning and don’t worry if your children want to wear their lace-up shoes. Children 12 and under can leave their shoes on thanks to new TSA rules.


So even if you don’t have too much time to prep for your vacation, you can still get everything ready and out the door with little stress to you!


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