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2015 Was a Great Year for Manufactured Homes!

With the housing market rebounding after the big recession, more and more people are feeling confident enough to consider buying a home again. But people aren’t just looking at conventional site-built homes these days; manufactured homes have continued to grow in popularity, too.

In December 2015, manufactured home shipments were up 20.4% from December 2014. But December wasn’t the only good month for manufactured home sales in 2015. In fact, every month in 2015 showed an increase in the number of manufactured home shipments when compared to that month’s numbers the previous year. With all twelve months of 2015 combined, the number of manufactured home shipments was up 9.6% from 2014!

So, why are so many people turning to manufactured homes? It’s simple — people like getting a good value.

Before the recession, many homebuyers were more willing to pay more for huge houses and extra luxuries. But nowadays, people are looking for more affordable homes that have more practical features. Younger homebuyers in particular are very likely to have seen their parents get burned when the housing bubble burst and they want to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to them. A lot of people don’t necessarily want the biggest house on the block, but they do at least want to have enough space to live comfortably in a safe neighborhood close to great schools and places to work.

Manufactured homes in HomeFirst™ communities offer an ideal housing choice for anyone who appreciates getting a good value. Manufactured homes are built by highly-trained professionals following strict building codes, using the exact same types of building materials that site-built homes are. The only difference is that since manufactured homes are built in factories, the building process is way more efficient and the materials are less expensive since factories can buy in bulk.

Manufactured homes may be more affordable than other types of homes, but you don’t miss out on anything. In fact, you’ll find that you get a lot more for your money. Many people are pleasantly surprised to discover they can afford to own a manufactured home that’s larger than site-built homes in their price range. Best of all, many manufactured homes have stylish design touches and extra features that could command top dollar in a site-built home, like spacious walk-in closets, recessed lighting, kitchen islands, and more.

Living in a manufactured home community can help you get even more bang for your buck. A manufactured home community could have lots of amenities to make life in your community even more comfortable. How would you like to have things like a swimming pool, a playground, and a fitness room just a short distance from your home? If you lived in a HomeFirst™ community, that could be exactly what you’d get! You don’t even have to pay more to be able to enjoy luxurious amenities like these, either!

Why keep paying more and getting less with other types of housing? Pay less but get more with a manufactured home instead! HomeFirst™ has manufactured homes for sale in several amazing Michigan locations, near excellent schools and in safe communities. If you’d rather rent than own, we have manufactured homes to rent, too! Contact us today to learn more about our communities or to make an appointment to see a home in one of our communities.

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