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Organizing Your HomeFirst™ Manufactured House

Whether you’re a family looking to grow or a couple looking to retire, you know that staying organized means everything, and making the most of your space is half the battle when it comes to organization. Luckily, many homes in HomeFirst™ home communities come with walk-in closets and storage sheds so you’ll have plenty of space to work with, but it’s still important to stay organized. Check out our tips for keeping your HomeFirst™ manufactured home looking fabulous!

Turn Bbenches Into Storage

Those ottomans that double as a footrest and a place to keep a cozy blanket or your favorite magazines are amazing storage spaces. If your HomeFirst™ home has a nice window bench, or you’re thinking of adding one yourself, consider building into it so it can be opened up and serve as a storage space. Although time-consuming, you might love having the extra storage available!


Make Use of Fake Drawers in Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen have some of those drawers that look like drawers, but aren’t acutally functioning drawers? Turn those false drawers into functional spaces by opening them up and using them as a place to install a pull out cutting board or paper towel rack. Get more functionality out of your space!


Invest in Wall Racks and Hooks

Never underestimate the power of your walls. HomeFirst™ homes are built to satisfy your design creativity, as well as all sturdiness and functional needs. Decorating your manufactured house with mounted shelves or functional hooks not only gives your home a more filled and organized look, but also clears up the space around you.


Use Shoe Organizers for More than Just Shoes

Inexpensive hanging shoe organizers can not only make it easier to find a pair of shoes in the morning, but they are great closet organizers as well. Hang an organizer in the cleaning closet for place to store paper towel rolls or scrub brushes, or hang it in the kids closet to keeps their board games in place. The possibilities are endless.


Beautify your Bins

Every closet looks better with the right storage bins. Find a color and style you like best, and make sure they have labels so you can easily find what you’re looking for next time you’re in a rush. Make use of those big HomeFirst™ closets in the right way!

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