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Why Are Manufactured Homes So Popular in Michigan?

Ever since the 1990s, there’s been an increase in manufactured housing all throughout America – and few places have seen the number of manufactured homes increase like Michigan has!

A recent survey of manufactured home communities showed that there were 922 all-ages manufactured home communities in Michigan alone, a number only rivaled by states like Texas and Florida. So why are so many people flocking to manufactured homes in Michigan? Let’s take a look at a few possible reasons!


One of the biggest advantages manufactured homes offer is that they’re specifically built to the weather in your particular state – and if you live in Michigan, you know how crazy the weather can get! Manufactured homes are built to a series of codes set by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and part of these codes include specific requirements based on the climate zone of the state the home will be delivered to. So while a site-built house will be built to the same plans and schematics no matter where it is, you know your manufactured home will be built to withstand whatever weather your state throws at you! Trust us, in Michigan, that’s a good thing to have.

Value and Space

Many bigger cities in Michigan are starting to see an increase in the cost of living due to a number of factors, and this means an increase in living and housing costs. The average rent in Detroit has increased by 23% as of May 2015, and the number will likely only increase from there. HomeFirst™ knows how important it is to have a consistent monthly budget for living expenses, and that’s why we offer a five-year guaranteed site rate to prevent any unexpected increases in rent cost like you would see at an apartment.

Size and space is a priority too – while many apartments in Michigan only offer one bedroom and limited space, most HomeFirst™ manufactured homes are at least two bedrooms (with some offering as many as four!), with some as many as 2,300 square feet! And better yet, thanks to our special offers and affordable pricing, you may find that owning your own manufactured home could be cheaper than apartment rent – and much more spacious, too!

Amenities and Benefits

Manufactured homes combine all the best parts of owning a house and renting an apartment – with several generous extras on top of it all! Manufactured home communities can offer extras like trash removal, snow plowing of common roads, and more. HomeFirst™ communities will even go farther than that to include extras like sports equipment, fitness centers, our clubhouses, and more! You’d be hard-pressed to find an apartment community – or even a single neighborhood – that offers the same sort of benefits our neighborhoods do!
These are but a few of the reasons why manufactured homes have proven so popular in Michigan – and all over the world! Want to experience the benefits for yourself? Browse our selection of manufactured homes for sale and find out why so many residents love HomeFirst™ manufactured homes!

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