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6 Halloween Events to Attend Near Lansing

As October 31 inches closer, let your Halloween spirit consume you at one of these haunted events near Independence Commons in Potterville. Come with friends and family for a scary, spooky adventure you won’t soon forget! Information is courtesy of Michigan.org.

Slaughterhouse Adventure and Grand River Corn Maze
Dates: 9/19 – 11/1
City: Fowlerville, MI
Description: With three spectacular venues — known as the Trifecta of Fear — the Slaughterhouse Adventure and Grand River Corn Maze will spook every bone in your body! This 5-Star haunted house is located in an 18,000 square foot century-old barn. Mix in the Blood, Bath and Beyond Hay Ride, boasting a suspenseful ending, and you can see why this is such a popular Halloween destination. For a less scary option, visit the Cornzilla Corn Maze and see which of your friends can escape first! More info.

Shawhaven Haunted Farm
Dates: 10/3 – 11/1
City: Mason, MI
Description: At Shawhaven Haunted Farm, your fear fantasies come to life! There are several attractions, from the Wagons of Fear to Samara’s Boarding House. There’s also a Dead Maze, where a zombie influx takes over the farm! For a less terrifying experience, check out the corn maze with its twisting and turning trails. Bring a flashlight so you don’t get lost! More info.

Village of Pinckney Spooktacular
Dates: 10/24
City: Pinckney, MI
Description: You’ll hardly recognize Downtown Pinckney when you arrive for this year’s Spooktacular. Be entertained by a spook forest, Jack O’Lantern contest, delicious refreshments, and a variety of fun games. Have a spectacular time at this free event! More info.

Country Corn Maze
Dates: 9/5/2014 – 11/2/2014
City: Corunna, MI
Description: With four professionally designed, mapped and cut mazes, the Country Corn Mazes will put your navigational skills to the test. Come during day or night. If you choose the latter, be sure to bring a flashlight. With a kid’s maze, too, this attraction is great fun for individuals of all ages. More info.

Corn Maze at BestMaze
Dates: 9/12/2014 – 11/1/2014
City: Williamston, MI
Description: Featuring a Dungeons & Dragons theme, BestMaze has carved a sword, castle and dragon into this year’s maze. You must defeat them to exit the maze! Designed for adults as well as kids, this Halloween attraction should be tremendous fun for the whole family. More info.

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