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10 Tips to Stay Safe in a Power Outage

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With all this crazy and unpredictable weather this summer, it is very important to stay safe. It is even more important to plan ahead as much as possible for emergency situations and to have a plan in place for you and your family.

To get you prepared, here are 10 tips to help you plan ahead when a storm or power outage comes your way.

1.     Assemble an emergency kit

Put together an emergency kit for any type of situation. Fill it with non-perishable food, extra water, batteries, flashlight, can opener, blankets, cards, first aid kit and portable radio. Add any other items you would need in an emergency situation to keep your family safe and healthy.

2.     Take special steps if you have special needs

If you rely on electric powered items for your health, make sure to take the proper steps with your electric company to make your own top priority when dealing with power outages or other emergencies.

3.     Have a stocked water supply

Make sure you have plenty of water stocked away for situations where water is unavailable or tainted. Also educate your family on safe ways to handle possibly tainted water and how to make it safe to drink.

4.     Keep your refrigerated food safe

If you experience a power outage, try not to open the fridge or freezer.  A full fridge should keep for about 6 hours and a full freezer for as long as 2 days. Remember: ‘ If in doubt, throw it out.’

5.     Be careful; Avoid shock and electrocution

Never operate a generator in rainy or wet conditions or touch it with wet hands. Never operate any electrical devices when wet or in wet conditions. Never get near fallen or sagging power lines.

6.     Be prepared to protect yourself from hypothermia

If you do become wet or the power goes out in the winter (or any colder weather) make sure to change into dry clothing and have plenty of layers of clothing on hand to stay warm, especially socks and hats.

7.     Keep yourself from getting overheated

If there is a power outage in the heat of summer, stay on the lower level of your home and wear loose fitting, light colored clothing. Stay hydrated and make sure your pets are too!

8.     Be aware of carbon-monoxide poisoning

This is a silent killer; carbon monoxide is odorless and can come from charcoal grills, camping stoves or generators. Many times people use these items indoors during power outages- this is unsafe and a bad idea!

9.     Stay safe on the road

If there is a snowstorm, only go out if necessary and make sure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle along with stress signals. If it is summer time and there is a storm that caused a power outage, be careful for downed power lines and fallen trees.

10.  Know when to say when

No one wants to leave the comfort of his or her own home, but sometimes you have to come to the conclusion that staying there any longer may not be the best decision. If it has been days without power, reach out to a friend or family member to stay with until the power comes back on.


Remember these tips for all emergencies at home and stay safe!


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