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10 Things You Should Pay More For

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Saving money means paying less, right? Not always.

Sometimes paying more for certain items is actually a smarter financial move in the long run. Less expensive items are often made with inferior materials, and will last you half the amount of time of something a bit pricier. According to msn.com’s ‘personal lifestyle list of top 10 things you should pay more for, the following are a few of the items that you should consider paying a bit more for:


Don’t spend more for food across the board; many generic brands are just as good as name brands. But you should consider spending more on organic fruits and vegetables and less on boxed and processed foods. Spending the little bit extra now will save you much more on medical bills in the future.

Products with a Guarantee

Although many of us never think about guarantees that come with our product purchases, they can be very beneficial in the long run. Spending more on a nice backpack from L.L Bean will actually save you money later on than purchasing a cheap backpack from the drug store. If the zipper breaks on the L.L. Bean backpack with the product guarantee, it will be replaced; but if you bought the cheaper version you’d have to go back to the store and buy another.


A cheap pair of shoes will fall apart far quicker than a more expensive pair. Besides the length of the shoe’s ‘lifetime’, cheaper pairs of shoes can destroy your feet and leave you in pain and very uncomfortable.

Read through the rest of the items and calculate to see how much money you would actually save by spending a little more up front, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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