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10 Shocking Truths about Allergies

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Many of us suffer from allergies, some are seasonal and some of them are from food or pets. But what are the facts about allergies and why do we get them? Here are 10 shocking truths about allergies, and we bet that you probably haven’t even considered any of these scenarios as a reason for your allergies!


  1. If you’re the oldest in your family, you may be more prone to allergies
  2. It may not be your pet that’s causing your allergies
  3. Timing your meds right can make all the difference
  4. Obese children and adolescents have a higher risk of allergies
  5. You can grow up with pets and still develop allergies to them as an adult
  6. Plants aren’t as healthy as you think
  7. Trouble breathing? Don’t look to your lungs, look to your gut
  8. Allergies can trigger bad breath
  9. You can’t become immune to your allergy meds
  10.  Your allergies may have an upside- like reducing your chance of getting cancer!

How interesting is that? From bad breath to birth order, allergies are more in depth and surprising then you would think. Go read the full article from Woman’s Day to learn more about allergies and maybe even diagnose your own!



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Source: Woman’s Day

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