10 Products with Odd Extra Uses

We all are looking to stretch our dollar as much as possible, so we cut out coupons, check local flyers to compare prices and only shop during a sale. But have you ever thought about stretching your dollar by ‘stretching your products’? Some household items you have can be used for more than what the package tells you. So save money by getting double the use out of stuff that you will buy anyway!


Dryer Sheets

Use these sheets as car fresheners or to keep your shoes smelling fresh. So don’t throw them out after one use in the dryer, reuse them anywhere that you want a nice fresh scent.


Aloe Vera

You can use the plant or the packaged version to help treat canker sores. It is painless and doesn’t have a bad taste. This is a great natural way to heal.



Oatmeal is a natural remedy for itchy skin and is also an anti-inflammatory agent. Add some to your bathtub before you soak and it’ll help soothe and smooth your skin.



Use the last squeezes of your toothpaste to polish up your jewelry. All you have to do is rub it in and rinse it clean! Just make sure to keep it away from jewelry with pearls; pearls are porous and it could discolor or damage them.


Here are 6 more products and their hidden powers. Who would have ever thought you could use your household products for other things than what they are meant for? You learn something new everyday.


Photo Credit: William Warby

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