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9 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

my formerly cluttered desk

If you feel as if your home keeps getting smaller and smaller, chances are it’s just becoming cluttered from daily activities and events.  Instead of going through your weekly process of cleaning and re-cluttering, just use one, or all, of these 9 easy decluttering solutions taken from the experts!


1.Get ‘Double-Duty’ Furniture: Furniture that can be doubled as storage

2. Organized Drawers: Any type of organization will help keep drawer clutter down

3. Mount Wall Brackets: Keep things off the ground and pretty

4. Don’t Forget About Window Space: Don’t block all the light, but use it as a natural                illuminated shelf area

5. Stylish Seating with Storage: Even dining room table seating can have storage!

6. Hidden Kitchen Storage: Create hidden storage areas under your counter

7. Hidden Washer and Dryer: Live in a smaller space? Moving the washer and dryer to              closet can help ease up some more room

8. Door Racks: Create extra shelving space with behind-the-door racks in the pantry or closet

9. Slim Spice Rack Drawer: Takes up minimal space and uses up unused space



Photo Credit: EvelynGiggles

Source: HouseBeatiful.com

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