Repossessed Manufactured Homes

Purchasing Repo Manufactured Homes in Michigan in a HomeFirst™ Certified Community is a great opportunity to save large amounts of money without compromising quality. The current real estate market has placed many homeowners’ dreams of owning their own home in the distance. We at HomeFirst™ want to help you get closer to your dream of home ownership with offering repossessed manufactured homes.

When a home is foreclosed, the HomeFirst™ Certified Communities in many cases purchase the home from the bank, completely refurbish these repossessed manufactured homes and restore them to our high community standards. The home is then sold at a tremendous savings – of over 50% in some cases!

Get Pre Qualified

In addition, for those purchasers that are “credit challenged”, Repo Manufactured Homes in Michigan provide the opportunity for you to own the home of your dreams which otherwise wouldn’t be available.

Most repossessed manufactured homes located in HomeFirst™ Certified Communities come complete with kitchen appliances, window treatments, central air and a shed and are ready for immediate occupancy.

There are HomeFirst™ Certified Communities located throughout Southeast Michigan. Our communities are land-lease, meaning that the landlord pays for costs of taxes and all other high cost improvements. This gives many of our homeowner’s piece of mind in knowing that costs won’t increase without warning.

Why Choose Repossessed Manufactured Homes From HomeFirst™ Certified

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