Prepping Your Garden for Spring

By: HomeFirst Certified
March 12, 2012

A Mediterranean Garden
With spring around the corner, the weather is starting to warm up and clear out. Many of us can’t wait to dust off our shovels and gloves and start prepping our gardens.
But before you suit up and head out, read these spring gardening tips from local landscape business owner, Jan Bills from Two Women and a Hoe!

Tip #1: Stay out of your garden bed until winter is officially over
When you walk around in your garden bed too early you compact the soil and take all the necessary air out that your budding plants will need.
Tip #2: Getting professional landscaping or garden designing is actually quite affordable
If you want a beautiful garden and physically are unable to garden yourself or do not have the time or eye for design to orchestrate your dream garden, than considering a professional is a simple and affordable option.
Tip #3: Remove debris from your garden bed
Once the snow melts be sure to remove any extraneous debris from your garden bed. If you leave the debris you will end up with lots of non-beneficial insects in your garden.
Tip #4: No pruning before Mother’s Day
Tie those hands behind your back! As much as you want to prune, don’t do it. If you prune before Mother’s Day you will actually be cutting off fresh buds. Rather than doing your plant any good, you will actually be stunting its growth.
Tip #5: Clean your tools
Making sure you tools are cleaned and stored properly will keep them from all types of natural deterioration and will keep them as your trusted tools for years.

Keep these tips in the back pocket of your gardening jeans to ensure that you will have the most gorgeous garden possible this spring.

Photo Credit: Jay Scratch

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