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Tricks to keeping your house cooler this summer

A Michigan winter can be brutal, sure. But Midwest heat waves are not unheard of either. And not all of us want our air conditioning humming along 24 hours a day, either. So check out some tips on how to keep your house’s temperature a bit more bearable this summer without emptying your wallet on a utility bill.

Summer maintenance tips for your home

Oh Michigan summers, how we love you. However, with sunny weather comes a few to-do’s to get ready for everything you offer. Checking exterior siding, inspecting your roof and cleaning the clothes dryer exhaust duct, damper and space are just a few items to cross off your list. Check out State Farm’s list of tips:

Saving money on your home expenses

A couple bucks here, a couple bucks there isn’t something to sneeze at. By understanding where to save money on your home expenses, you’ll have some extra money to do fun things. It’s simple, such as using your microwave instead of your oven, setting the thermostat under 68 in the winter and installing new fluorescent light bulbs.

Protecting against carbon monoxide; striving for better air quality

Simply because it’s invisible doesn’t mean the consequences should be taken lightly. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and every bit a toxic gas. It’s imperative to understand how the gas can make its way into your home, so you can stop it from ever happening. Check out the EPA’s tips, tricks and full-proof ways to make sure it never harms you or your family.

Homeowners insurance, saving money and being prepared

Shopping for insurance isn’t like picking out a shirt at the mall — it requires well-researched planning, understanding the risks your home can experience and crunching numbers. These five homeowners’ insurance tips will help you save money, choose the right insurance and keep your ducks in a row.

Utility bills higher than you like? Learn how to save

Monthly payments can really add up: Car, home, insurance, cell phone, etc. The last thing you need is your electric, water and gas bills skyrocketing in addition to everything else you set aside money for. Be smart and learn how to save on all three of your utilities day in and day out — no need to fret opening the bills every month.

Spring lawn care: Tasks before mowing begins

Rather than waiting for the snow to melt and lugging out the lawnmower as grass begins to grow, take preliminary steps in your lawn care. Your yard will thank you for it. Steps such as raking, checking for compaction, liming, overseeding and fertilizing will have your property looking more beautiful than ever. Go on — make your neighbors jealous!

April showers bring May flowers…and spring maintenance

The snow is melting. The constant grayness is beginning to brighten up. Ahh, springtime. How we’ve missed you dearly. It won’t be long before the Detroit Tigers’ season is in full swing. Be prepared for the new season with spring maintenance tips for your home.

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