Q1: What are HomeFirstTM Certified Communities?

HomeFirstTM Certified Communities are a collection of manufactured homes available for purchase and rent, providing pleasurable and affordable living solutions for individuals, families and retirees alike. There are 9 HomeFirstTM Certified Communities across Michigan, including Belleville, Holly, Jackson, Lansing, Mt. Clemens, New Haven and South Lyon.

Q2: What distinguishes HomeFirstTM Certified Communities from other living areas?

All HomeFirstTM Certified Communities have met a very strict criterion of living standards. Only 9 Michigan communities have received this certification. Each community offers a wide range of perks for residents, including a community clubhouse, 24-hour on-site staff and countless recreational facilities. We also plan year-round events and activities designed to spark friendships among residents and create a more dynamic community atmosphere.

Q3: What other amenities might I find at a HomeFirstTM Certified Community?

While each community has a different selection of amenities and facilities, you’re likely to find the following at your location:

  • 24-hour Fitness Center
  • Basketball Court
  • Playgrounds and Parks
  • Picnic Tables
  • Swimming Pool

Q4: Is there a HomeFirstTM Certified Community in my area?

There’s a good chance! There are 9 HomeFirstTM Certified Communities spanning 7 cities in Michigan. Here’s where each community is located:

Augusta Woods: Belleville, MI
Clinton River: Mt. Clemens, MI
English Meadows: Jackson, MI
Independence Commons: Lansing, MI
Meadow Creek: New Haven, MI
Riverbrook: New Haven, MI
Springrove: Holly, MI
Walnut Ridge: Jackson, MI
Woodland Ridge: South Lyon, MI

Q5: Where can I view current home listings?

You can view all available homes in our inventory right here. You can sort by price, bedrooms and other criteria.

Q6: Can I afford a manufactured home?

Nearly 20 million Americans live in manufactured homes. Many of them purchased their homes despite having below average credit and modest financial means. How? Because manufactured homes are easier to finance than traditional homes.

At HomeFirstTM Certified, we have all kinds of special offers to make living here realistic, including a Down Payment Match Program worth up to $3,500, and homes available to rent for under $599/month. Our in-house financing program makes the approval process simple and efficient. Hard-working families deserve a nice place to live, and we do what we can to help.

Q7: Why should I buy a manufactured home versus rent an apartment?

There are many advantages to owning a manufactured home. For starters, your monthly payment might be less if you buy a manufactured home. Secondly, owning a home can help you restore bruised credit. Thirdly, HomeFirstTM Certified manufactured homes are exceptional by every measure. They are spacious, modern and embedded in a vibrant community with amenities your apartment is unlikely to offer.

Q8: What are the advantages to buying a home versus renting?

Buying a home in a HomeFirstTM Certified Community comes with many benefits, including:

  • Monthly payments that could be significantly cheaper than leasing your home.
  • Fixed monthly payment throughout the term of the loan with no pre-payment penalty.
  • The interest on your home loan may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor.
  • Payments on your home loan will help you re-establish good credit.
  • You can make interior improvements to your home without anyone else’s approval!
  • Minimal fee for dogs and no monthly fees for other community approved pets.

Q9: Which HomeFirstTM Certified Community is right for me?

It depends on your interests and lifestyle. If you enjoy living near a downtown, check out Walnut Ridge (Jackson) or Woodland Ridge (South Lyon). If you love camping and boating, Meadow Creek (New Haven) and Clinton River (Mt. Clemens) might be the place for you.

All of our communities have something special to offer every member of the family, regardless of age and interests. Check out Our Communities to learn more about each of our locations, or simply contact one of our representatives.

Q10: I want to move my home into a HomeFirstTM Certified Community. Can you help?

Absolutely. In fact, we’ll help you move your manufactured home into any of our communities for free! Contact the manager at your desired HomeFirstTM Certified Community to learn more.

Q11: Can you tell me about your referral program?

We have a very generous referral program that benefits both the resident and referee. If someone refers you to a HomeFirstTM Certified Community and you decide to buy, you’ll receive a $250 bonus. Click here to learn more about our exceptional referral program.

Q12: What other special offers do you have?

There are several special offers from which you may be able to benefit, including discounts for military families and veterans, and a Down Payment Match Program. Click here to learn more.

Q13: How can I learn more about HomeFirstTM Certified Community?

Fill out the short form here and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

You can also give us a call at 844-TRY-HFCC (844-879-4322).

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