There are advantages to owning a manufactured home beyond financial benefits. To achieve the HomeFirstTM Certified Community designation, communities must meet standards like providing 24-hour on-site management, 5-year rate guaranteed home site leases, maintained recreational facilities, year-round community activities and events. These standards make a HomeFirstTM Certified Community a lifestyle choice – a home instead of a house!


Most importantly, potential communities must meet quality-building standards set forth by HomeFirstTM Certified itself and by the strict standards of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Appearing below are major benefits to HomeFirstTM Certified’s manufactured home construction and how it can translate into money savings and better quality of living.

See how owning and living in a HomeFirstTM Certified House and Community can help improve your quality of living. Browse our site and view available homes communities to find one that fits your budget and lifestyle!

Homes Up to 2,300 square feet

Due to the precision of the manufactured home construction of HomeFirstTM Certified partners, homes are available up to 2,300 square feet in size. So much living space for so little cost means that residents are truly about to GET TWICE THE HOME FOR ½ THE PRICE! Affordability, amenities and community lifestyle give HomeFirstTM Certified Communities exceptional value for an investment in a new or used home.

Weather Resistant Quality Construction

Manufactured home construction occurs in a weatherproof environment, eliminating weather-related damage like water and rust damage, warping, mold and mildew inherent in the traditional slow-building process. Homebuyers today are finding the value of a manufactured home, in many cases, better than a site-built home because the heavy-duty materials, precise and weatherproof assembly methods and quality construction. This construction means that attention can be turned to other home features like decks, patios, or driveways!

Greater Energy Efficiency

The greatest threat to energy efficiency is air leaking through seams and joints, no matter warm or cool. Manufactured home construction naturally results in fewer seams and air gaps in homes because entire walls, floors and ceilings are constructed as single units. This results in a high level of “fit and finish” that can translate into hundreds of dollars per year saved on heating and cooling!

Home Longevity

In addition to Federal, State and local building codes, manufactured homes are made with transportation in mind. This means that they must withstand the delivery and installation process, resulting in more structural elements than those found in similarly styled site-built homes. Quality construction means that manufactured homes will last not only the trip to a community-site with ease, but for many years in safety and comfort – the only trick is finding the right home for you.

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